New York Dolls
Red Patent Leather

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This is a live recording from a March 2nd, 1975 show at the Little hippodrome club NYC. The new red patent leather image was the work of, future Sex Pistols manager, Malcom McLaren. Sound quality is very poor and there is not much to recommend on this disc.
Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan left the band shortly after this gig. The remainder of the band played a few dates in Japan which resulted in a recording released under the name of Tokyo Dolls. Avoid this and pick up some of the earlier material.

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Red Patent Leather
  2. On Fire
  3. Something Else
  4. Daddy Rolling Stone
  5. Girls
  6. Ain't Got No Home / Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Side B

  1. Down Down Downtown
  2. Pirate Love
  3. Pills
  4. Teenage News
  5. Personality Crisis / Looking For A Kiss



Also released as:

New York Dolls Red Patent Leather
Year: 1984
Country: France
Label: Fan Club FC007/NR340
Producer: Sylvain Sylvain

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