St. Peters Guest House (2)

A while back Andy T. sent me a message describing his trip to St. Peters:

"You may remember, I mentioned I was going to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. I did and I searched out the St. Peter's Guest House. I snapped a picture when I got there "Guest.tif" then went inside to the manager's office. I spoke with a woman briefly and she was very nice. I wasn't sure what to say and it sort of came out all at once. "This is the Peter guest house, correct? Johnny Thunders stayed here. Have you worked here a while? She deciphered what I was getting at and said to her co-worker in the other room "hey, which room was Johnny Thunder (sic) in?" It turned out to be room 37 and she said it was right above the double doors on the other side of the building. So after our discussion I snapped the other picture "Room.tif" if you look at the picture you will notice there are actually 2 sets of double doors on that side. We assumed it was above the doors on the left but to add further to the confusion my eagle-eyed friend noticed that one of the doors on the second level on that side had the number 49 on it another had 47. We thought maybe you access some of the rooms from the outside some from the inside, thus 37 could be accessed from the inside, hell, I don't know. Anyway, as we were leaving she asked us if we were NY Dolls fans, I said yes I was - the other guys I were with are clueless to Johnny and NY Dolls except what I had explained to them. She mentioned that if we came back down another time we could stay in that room no problem. We thanked her and left, I never asked how much, whoops."

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