The First Time I Heard Johnny...

I was immediately mesmerized by the cover of the "New York Dolls" album cover in 1977 while thumbing through a no body's album collection. I was in the armpit of the Los Angeles punk rock scene and, once hearing the album, it was as if I was shocked awake as to what rock 'n' roll really was! I became addicted to the dynamic lyrics of "Personality Crisis" and the impeccable guitar in "Bad Girl." I was a nurse at the time & I'd come home from a long shift & got rejuvenated hearing "Pills" blaring on the stereo. I realized that Thunders' guitar was the backbone that made the Dolls so OriginLy fantastic.

When "So Alone" came out, I thought I was in Heaven! I had to have my fix of Thunders constantly & played it every day, for at least an entire year. To this day, I am still in awe of the innovative style of Johnny Thunders & the influence he's had on other musicians. Since then, I have tried to hear every note Johnny has played - no matter what extremeness I have had to go to do so! Currently, I strive to introduce people to his amazing sound & do what little I can to keep this legendary rock icon's name alive so his music touches other generations as deeply and meaningfully as he did mine.

Just another girl into Johnny Thunders,

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