The First Time I Heard Johnny...

The first time I heard and see Johnny Thunders was on a TV show in 1973, I think it was Pop Club in the French Second Channel (only two at these times!!!) or something like that (I was only seven years old!). The New York Dolls played some songs "live" and the thing that I noticed was the hair of the guitar player. Man, people have long hair in France in the 70's but I had never see hair like that!!! You can't see his face , exept the nose, an explosion of hair. Incredible.

Later I read some magazine Like "Best" and "Rock'n'folk" and they always made references to this incredible band, to Johnny Thunders, The Heartbreakers , David Jo hansen, Syl Sylvain. But it was really hard to find their records until the end of the seventys.

Today, they're still cult here in France for a lot of people. I never ever had hair like that. I try but impossible to live with it.

Mr. Jack From France

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