The First Time I Heard Johnny...

The first CD from Johnny Thunders, I bought in 1989. At the time I loved the Ramones and the Sex Pistols and somebody told me of the great influence Johnny had on these bands. So I bought a Johnny Thunders CD: "Hurt me". When I came home from the shop and put the CD into the Player, I first surprised: This wasn't punk at all. I ask myself: Was this the right Johnny Thunders?

He was! And the CD was the start of a big love to Johnny and his music (accoustic and electric).

In the last 10 years I bought every Thunders-CD that I saw, then started a band, performing: Sad Vacation, Memory, Hurt me, Subway train, Born to lose, Too much junkie business, So alone...

In spring 1990 I saw Johnny in Frankfurt (Germany) in a club called Batschkapp. It was great: He played accoustic. One year later, I'd just bought the first edtion of Nina Antonias "In cold blood", I had heard of Johnny death. I was crying.

Lorenz From Berlin

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