Four Hours With Johnny Thunders

I saw John for the first time at Max's in 79. Followed him everywhere, Fast Lane in Asbury Park, Heat, The Ritz, Danceteria and Irving Plaza. By far, his best shows were at Max's when he was hard up for cash and he called for a rent party. My fondest memory is when I met him at 7 a.m. on 8th and Avenue D copping yellow tape. I had a friend who lived on Ludlow St. and, since I had a car at the time John bummed a ride, we both banged on my friends door, roused him up, and got high. My friend had a quarter oz. of coke and the three of us spent the next 4 hours shootin' it up. When it was all gone John said "Thanks" and split. The four hours we spent together with John rambling on and complaining that it was his turn even though he had just gone were memories for a life time. He was Rock and Roll!


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