Jimmy Miller Show
by Bobby Belfiore

Bobby B. worked as the soundman for the Heartbreakers and Gang War during the late 1970s and most of the 1980s. Here's one of his adventures with the band.

By the spring of 1983 I had not been working for John in the last year or so due to his new manager, Chris Gerrick. I got a call from, none other than, Jimmy Miller, who was known for producing the Stones' Sticky Fingers album, which was great. Jimmy was going to produce a live album or studio album with John and wanted me to mix the live shows. They would take place at Great Gildersleeves in Manhattan, down the street from CBGB's. This place was bigger than CBGB's and also had my P.A. in it and was where Jimmy decided the special shows should be. Also, the money was better (that probably being the main reason).

There was no sound check but all I needed was a little bit of Pipeline to get it together. Jimmy stood right next to me the entire shown and tried to give me pointers on what he wanted. The problem was that he was nodding out the whole time. I consider Jimmy Miller to be what made the Stones one great album and changed their sound forever. The problem was that 13 years later, Jimmy had fallen into the same pit as John.

I was very impressed that he had called me to do the shows. That night went great as the original lineup played. It was an extremely uneventful evening but sometimes that happens even with the Heartbreakers. Somewhere out there is either an album or tape with these great shows, look for it. It showed that even after my departure and the original lineup changed there was still that same old magic.

Bobby Belfiore (retired soundman)

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