Mikes Gone
by Bobby Belfiore

Bobby B. worked as the soundman for the Heartbreakers and Gang War during the late 1970s and most of the 1980s. Here's one of his adventures with the band.

It was 1980 and Gang War was playing a one-off show at Maxs Kansas City in order to finance a short east coast tour. I did the sound check and about an hour or so later, lo and behold, all the microphones were gone. Like they grew little legs and ran off. Well that was not the case.

I figured, I had a good idea who did it but could not prove it. Later, I found out that A guy named Phil, who johnny owed money to, slipped his weaseley self up the back stairs of Maxs restaurant area (those of you who have ever been there know what I'm talking about) and stole every bloody mic in the place.

So I went where any non-self- respecting junkie would go to sell these mics. Not a music shop, as all the mics were engraved with "Maxs" on them, but down to Ave. D where everyone copped dope. I asked around for about 20 minutes until finally some guy comes up to me and asks if I'm the nut looking to buy a bag of microphones. I said indeed I am and wound up buying back my own mics for $100. Later I found out that Phil sold them for only $50. I also found out a few weeks later that it only took one punch to break Phil's nose. But I guess it was worth it to him because, after all, he got $50 worth of dope at my expense. So much for the math and small business class. The show went off without a hitch and we actually got a good tape out of the show. It was one of the last gang war shows they played.

Bobby Belfiore (retired soundman)

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