Baseball Memories

I knew John when we were kids playing baseball for the Silksox Boys Club in 1966. He acted and looked like an ordinary kid back in those days although his hair was a little longer then most of us. Most of the kids on the team were from Jackson Heights and Astoria, Queens in New York City. I seem to remember he lived in a two family house on 73rd Street between Northern Blvd. and 32nd Ave. Back in those days it seemed like the only thing he could play or had the confidence he could play was "Wipe Out". I remember he played it on more then one occasion at the Junior H.S. 145 talent show. He craved the attention of girls and I must say he seemed to always get the attention he looked for. John was actually a fairly decent ball player and I remember he had a real strong arm for a kid his age. He played shortstop for us and tried to pitch but although he had great velocity he didn't have much control. From what I have heard about his life that seems to have been his biggest problem, not much control.

Marty G.

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