Birthday In Sweden

I was born in '67 in Stockholm, Sweden, where Johnnyboy lived for (nearly) the last part of his life. I saw him perform with the Heartbreakers at "Murgrönan", in the town Visby, Sweden at his 30th birthday - think it was July 8, 1984. In the middle of the gig Walter Lure said something 'bout Johnnys birthday and from backstage came a sweet girl all dressed up in fancy underwear carrying a huge cake holding 30 candles. Well, Johnny grabbed her and they both vanished backstage. Some twenty minutes later he came back, looking as happy as ever. Don't really know what he actually injected... Later on I threw my hat on stage which Johnny put on just as the local newspaper photographer took a shot. Next day I saw my hat on Johnnys head at the front page of Gotlands Allehanda. Tell you, that was really something else! (Considering my age then, 17.) I got some more Swedish Thunder experiences, maybe share them later. Got to get out and party!


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