Booking Problems

It was the day after Thanksgiving 1980 and the Heartbreakers were doing a one off in Chicago. The show was booked by an indy agent in New York who didn't have a clue about what to do. (She will remain nameless because she is such a total idiot.) She barley got the plane tickets to my apartment on time and the shows were the next two days in Chicago. And that's not the half of it. It seems she got an advance on the gig and, against mine and Walter's strict orders, gave the advance to Johnny. Bad move

We made it to Chicago on the Friday after Thanksgiving and were met by the booking agent. We got to the gig which was a 3,500 seat theatre on N. Clark St. across from Wrigley Field (wish it was summer). I still can't remember the name of the place but it was very nice. Iggy just finished two nights there and the place was ok.

After the two shows were over, we only got about 50% of the money we should have received. Walter and I questioned the promoter but all he did was show us the receipts and it was all legit.

The dumb bitch that did the booking took so many advances that we were thrown out of our hotel room at the City Center Holiday Inn becuase there wasn't any money left. So, we traded the booking agents car for all the bills that were owed. It was her fault anyway. (Anyone can verify this with Walter or Billy Rogers who were there.) She eventually got the car back but we were definetly finished doing any booking deals with her from that point on.

Bobby Belfiore (retired soundman)

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