Countdown To Destruction

After being in Europe for a while, Johnny was back doing a show at The Peppermint Lounge. At the time it was called The New Peppermint Lounge. Much more fancy than the old Peppermint that was on 45th street, it had two floors, the second with tons of video monitors. Steve Jones and Mick Jones were there and even played in the encore. When it was over Johnny came back on stage and says "I'll play all night long if you kids will stay. These fucks don't want to pay me all the money they owe me". He went on to do an acoustic set then brought the band back out. He stepped up to the mike and called out to the owner of the bar over the PA and said "Get your fucking ass out here and pay me what you owe me or else we're all gonna rip this fucking place apart". He then asked the audience to destroy everything except for his band's instruments.
So Johnny's standing on stage by himself and he starts counting down into the mike "10 - 9 - 8". The management shuts off the PA but Johnny continues counting down on his guitar, hitting a chord for each second counted. When he got to zero all the house lights went off. About 3 seconds later the lights came back on and it was crazy. Two bouncers were on top of him. One bouncer had him in a headlock, another had his legs. There's a bunch of kids on stage with mikestands in their hands ready for destruction. Suddenly Johnny's manager comes running out and tells Johnny that he's being paid. The fight ended and Johnny thanked everyone for sticking around then finally went off stage about 4am. It was a fantastic night musically as well as spiritually.
P.S. That same night, Billy Idol was also there and he was so fucked up he fell down the stairs. Just like people in the movies do it.


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