David Johansen In Style

I went to see David Jo open for Pat Benatar (Yuch!) and he was great. I only wanted to see him anyway and this was the "In Style" tour I believe. I was with a friend of mine who worked for Columbia Records, Doug Friedman. It was a Monday night and I used to DeeJay at this wild party bar in Buffalo called, Mulligan's Brick Bar. Monday night was our "Rock & Roll Monday', our busiest night of the week. We went backstage and talked to David for a while. I got my picture taken with him. I had on a "Funky But Chic" button. I invited David down to the Brick Bar for our busiest night and give him a keychain with our address and telephone number on it. David introduces me to some friends of his who live in Buffalo at the time, a husband and wife. David was in his first ever band with this guy. The name of the band was "The Vagabond Missionaries".

Later, I get to work and I am spinning tunes when I look at the front door and there is David, smiling and clapping his hands. I wave him over to the soudbooth, where we were later surrounded by all of the chicks form the Playboy Club (now closed in Buffalo). I wished that he would have come in every Monday, although I always did all right myself. I have a case of 7oz bottles of Old Vienna Beer brought over loaded with ice. He spun tunes with me all night and we drank 2 cases of O.V. splits. While in the booth, he told me that the promo poster was a photo of him in his apartment and he signed it for me. He talked about being married at one time to Cyrinda. I asked him about the rumors of who the Stilettoes are on "Stranded In The Jungle" and he finally admitted to me that one of them was Debbie Harry. When I asked him if they were really singing what I thought they were singing (you have to listen carefully) he just started laughing and would not say anything more about it. It was a great night for me. One that I will never forget and we spun some of the greatest tunes ever recorded that night! He left the bar at 4:00 AM!

Gary Z.

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