Gang War

I was a roadie with Johnny and Wayne during the Gang War days and I wanted to share an unforgettable story with you. It was the late 70's or early 80's (I can't remember the exact year - too much partying) and we had a gig at the Channel Club in Boston. It was one of the only gigs out of town because Johnny wouldn't go out of town without any junk because he was afraid of not being able to score. Anyway, you get the picture. We always had two roadies but that night we could only take one and I was the designated driver, roadie, lightman, everything man.

We got to the place and it's one of those big open area suburban type nightclubs with big burly bouncers. The 1st band goes on then it was our turn. The only problem was that Johnny's guitar wouldn't work. So Johnny talked the guy from the opening act into lending him his guitar. I took Johnny's guitar and put it in the dressing room with the big burly bouncers. Johnny went on. He was great. Sloppy but great. During the show, Johnny was putting down the guy in the front row with his girlfriend. The show ended and we went backstage only to discover Johnny's prized guitar had been stolen!

Since I was the peon roadie, I took the heat. Johnny came storming at me like a storm trooper from hell and kicked me in the nuts. We went at it until the dickhead bouncers (who were watching the guitar in the first place!) broke us up. Well that's not the end of the story. When we went outside, the kid who was sitting up front calls "hey Johnny" and socked him right in the jaw. Then all hell broke loose. The whole band, including me, Wayne, Bobby and Johnny, started going at it. Finally the police showed up and broke it up. I literally grabbed the band by the pant's and threw them into our car. We then got a police escort to the border and were told to never ever come back to Boston. No problem. I hate the fucking place anyway! Well I guess I don't have to tell you that was my last gig with Johnny. But, all in all, I had a great time working with those guy and wouldn't trade it for a million bucks. Yeah Right!

"Hey Mr. soundman! More reverb" - Johnny Thunders

Larry V.

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