Hat For Jacket Trade

I saw JT many times, but the one that sticks out is back in 1980 when I saw him and Wayne Kramer at Jonathan Swifts in Harvard square Cambridge Massachusetts. I was a huge fan and brought my 57 Les Paul jr for him to sign. I was wearing this new jacket that was had a delicate design on the back that said "I know I'm going to heaven because I've spent my time in hell" and had a drawing of Vietnam with dragons. Well, I went backstage during one of the many breaks to get the axe signed and saw Johnny with a needle sticking out of his arm (swear to god). Wayne told me to come back later but Johnny saw the guitar case and came to. I took the axe outta the case and showed him the sunburst beauty and he asked me how much I wanted for it. I said I didn't wanna sell, but he persisted and I finally said 2 grand. Well, he didn't have the cash on him but asked for my phone number so he could call me later. Then he signed it "Johnny Thunders, '80, LAMF" and I was pretty friggin pleased. He noticed my jacket and wanted to buy it. I said I wouldn't sell it but I would trade it for his porkpie hat. He went for it and even though many would think he got the better of the deal, I'm happy that I have the memento.
JT was the king.

Sam B.

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