Johnny Meets Mum

Johnny toured Australia in late '86, with a band comprising of Barry Jones, Glen Matlock and Jerry Nolan. They played 3 nights in Melbourne, and I travelled down for the 1st one at The Prince of Wales hotel. After the show I got to meet Johnny and had a bit of a chat. He asked me if I was coming along to the other shows, I told him I was going to the 3rd show at Melb.University with my mother. Mum is very conservative, but had to listen constantly to punk music thru my youth, and she really liked "Hurt Me"-Johnny's acoustic album. "You're bringing your mother?!?!?" Johnny replied with disbelief. He then offered to put us on the guest list and he wanted to meet her. The gig came and Mum felt pretty uncomfortable standing amongst the much younger crowd. A nice bonus for her was when Johnny played his acoustic set. At the 1st gig he got booed off after 3 songs. The university crowd were a bit more open minded and let him play as he liked-a 45 min. solo set-before the band came back. Anyway, after the show we ventured backstage, and from 20 meters away he recognized me and jumped up on a chair yelling "Mom's here! Mom's here everyone." I went red with embarrassment, and I don't know what Mum thought. They sat in the corner together and talked for about 30 min., while Matlock stole my cigarettes! Got all their autographs etc... A night my Mum will never forget-She says her 2 highlights in life (so far) are meeting Normie Rowe (old 50's Aussie rocker) and the lovely Johnny Thunders.

Pete C.

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