Medical Problem

During the winter of 1980 we had some shows booked in the midwest and Canada. They were booked through an agent in Michigan who was great, but the deal was that his band, The Sillies, had to open all the Heartbreaker's shows. It worked out fine for logistical reasons as only one set of gear had to go out. This was also the first real tour that the late great Big Tony C. was playing bass. We started off in New York at a great club on Long Island called My Father's Place and ended in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Things couldn't have gone better except that Johnny got some sort of infection in his arm from doing something in N.Y. By the time we reached Canada it was an ugly abscess that needed prompt medical care. We waited until after a show at Larry's Hideaway in Toronto and went to a hospital fist thing in the morning. Tony and I borrowed a medical I.D. card from a bouncer at the club and were able to get John taken care of without cost after saying that John was the gentleman who owned the card.

Thanks to the man who loaned the card (who will go unnamed) and the most wonderful blond woman who helped by staying up all night and helping me soak John's arm in hot water. I don't know what would have happened without your help as we didn't have any money for medical care let alone someone to help out.

If anyone involved with that incident is still around, feel free to contact me as you were never forgotten and never asked for anything in return. Especially the bouncer who didn't care for the band anyway but liked me and Tony. And special thanks to the lovely blond who made sure that I stayed up all night to get things done and also came to the shows in Hamilton and London the next week.

Bobby Belfiore (retired soundman)

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