Warmup For Max's

It was Friday back in 1979, I guess the end of fall or so. The Heartbreakers were doing yet another weekend of farewell gigs in town. The venue was Max's so the usual crew was around.

Well, I got a call from Laura Dean, Max's owner, telling me that John is in the hospital and has overdosed on Heroin! Laura is frantic because she hasn't spoken to John and only heard from a hospital worker, cop or somebody. She was going crazy and as far as anyone is concerned, if you OD you're dead, right? Not so in John's case.

I was in Atlantic Beach, Long Island, relaxing after two weeks with Gang War out in the Midwest. All I knew was that I didn't have be in the city until about 11:00 P.M. I told Laura to pick me up and we would drive to Bellvue Hospital Center in Manhattan and see what's up. All the way there Laura is saying that he's dead. But I have seen it happen before and I was sure that it's not that serious. Luckily I'm right.

We got to the emergency entrance and, lo and behold, guess who's sitting there with a hot dog and soda in his hand asking 'what took us so long'? Four great shows were done that weekend and it was all recorded for a second live album that never did come out. As a special note, one of the opening acts was none other than The Knots, featuring Big Tony, who would later replace Billy Rath on bass and help form the Waldos with Walter Lure.

Bobby B.

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