A Rocky Show

My memory is not as tight as I like... We were young and drove to Manhattan from Richmond, Va. for a show in Brooklyn. The show was in the early eighties at (I presume) a defunct club named Zappas.

Before the show we saw Thunders go into the bathroom. We had brought Dead or Alive tee-shirts with us to see is we could get him to sign them. What the hell, we followed him into the bathroom. He shuffled around in the stall for quite awhile before stumbling out. He invited us to the dressing room saying it was easier to write there. The substance from the bathroom must have hit. He could hardly write his name. He finished and allowed us to mill around. Jerry and Walter were in there but I can't remember who was playing bass. Thunders would walk from one pocket of people to another not saying a word to anyone. Funny as well that everyone was ignoring him. I guess they knew what shape he was in...

As far as the show, Thunders was having a hell of a time with some people in the crowd. He invited a lot of people, at various times, up on stage for a fight... tried to kick a few and would of gotten his butt kicked and he knew it. (Part of his humor, huh..) Anyway, security had to lead him out after the show. The kids had been waiting for him because the front door was the only exit. He was talking all sorts of trash behind the guards and acting like he would beat their ass if he could only get to them (sort of like professional wrestlers with there manager standing in the way). Finally, Thunders jumped into a yellow (Toyota?) with two girls inside and sped off. Suddenly, the car stopped after ~50 yards and Thunders got out and heaved a bottle of liquor straight at the kids who were now all over the road. The bottle crashed at their feet as Thunders got back in with the kids chasing after him.

Chris A.

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