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Anyone that's been to a Johnny Thunders show has a story to tell. I can remember an average show where Johnny was on stage, trying to empty a Texas mickey of vodka all on his own. A gracious audience member was passing joints up to him for most of the night. When finally the joints stopped coming, Johnny halted the show and wouldn't play until the guy in the audience rolled some more. While we all waited for the dope to be rolled, Johnny stayed on stage telling jokes and handing out insults to any hecklers. It took the guy in the audience a long while to roll enough joints to keep Mr. Thunders happy but the show went very smoothly after that.

Here is a picture of what it was like. Who else was at this show?

Wanna hear more? Check out these tales:

I thought I should print this message, which has an alternate point of view, from a patron here at the Cyber Lounge:
"I knew J. Thunders in the seventies. Even then he was a wasted junkie, lyin' cheat. It's funny how some people get a kick out of romancing a junkie lyin' motherfucker. I guess you call it stupid. As for that rat's ass of R. Hell, I nearly popped him in the mouth one night at CBGBs. What a loser."
(email address withheld)

Anybody care to comment?

"I read the comment from the guy who says Johnny was no good... So What! I just hope Johnny robbed him. I'll tell you one thing though, Johnny woulda fought that guy and if he lost he woulda told him "fuck you" anyway. As for Richard H. and all the rest of them "a bunch of Johnny wanna-bees", I love 'em all anyway. Damn near everyone at Maxs or CBGBs or any of those places is no good, comes with the territory. You gotta expect it in those places, especially in New York."

"I care about the man's music. I can't and don't make any judgements of him as a human being. He wrote a bunch of great songs, and I was fortunate enough to see him do a couple of great shows. His art brought me pleasure, and that is all I am concerned with. Some goes for R. Hell, and everyone else who was part of that scene."

"Well, duh! I don't think anybody thinks Thunders was anything but the way you described him. He lied, he cheated, he stole. What else do you expect a junkie to do? But thunders was redeemed because he was just so damn talented musically and he played the part of a junkie so fucking well. He was the consummate junkie. He made everyone else, Keith Richards, Sid Vicious, my cat Greasy Marie, all look like amateurs. He was the archetype. (Besides, he was so sexy I wish I'd moved to NY one year sooner, I know I would have done him.) Hail, Johnny!"

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