Sydney Australia 1986

When Johnny came out here to Australia way back in 1986, I think it was... I was only 17 years old and went to 4 of the 5 gigs he played in Sydney, as well as met him and hung out with him. He dragged me up from the side of the stage, at this long since demolished venue called 'the Tivoli', and we did an impromptu performance on the spot, afterwards he asked me if I wanted to hang out and if I knew any clubs in Sydney where he could go post-gig. I took him to a club called the 'Propaganda' down in Kings Cross, along with Glen Matlock from the Pistols, the guitarist; a black English guy whom I don't remember the name of, as well as Susan, Thunders' then paramour. I think Jerry Nolan was suffering from a broken collar-bone or something, and was escorted back to the hotel by his stunning 6 ft. redhead Swedish girlfriend who was wearing a totally see-through lace shirt that night.

Anyway, I will always remember dancing in that half empty club (it was a Tuesday or Wednesday night) to 'Lust for Life' by Iggy Pop, with Thunders, Matlock, my Argentinian girlfriend from high school; Liliana, and Susan who shimmied and sashayed like a blonde punk Anita Ekberg. Johnny asked us if we would come to the gig on the next night and do backing vocals for 'Gloria' with them. Needless to say I jumped at the chance, it was the first time I ever performed on stage. Up to that point I had been playing guitars for five years, jamming in garages etc. and secretly harbouring the usual adolescent rock'n'roll, punk rock, guitar playin' fantasies, as you do... so it was pretty wild for me to debut on stage for the first time in my life as part of Johnny Thunder's backing band. Since then, I've played in a couple of local sort of punky, rock'n'rollish sort of bands and put out a few recordings, done a bit of touring between Sydney and Melbourne and all that. But I will never forget Johnny or that short time.

Maria G.

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