Sylvain In Buffalo

I went to see Sylvain Sylvain on his first solo tour. He was playing in Buffalo, NY at Harvey & Corky's Stage One, a club. They were the local concert promoters. Harvey is THE Harvey Weinstein who founded and heads MIRAMAX Pictures. Anyway, Syl did a great set of mostly solo material. I yelled out for "Personality Crisis" and he shot back with "How much money do ya got?".

After the show I got to talk to him and he signed an album flat of that fuchsia album cover. He told me that he was born in BUFFALO! I don't think that anyone knows this at least not in Buffalo, NY. He lived in a house on Lafayette Avenue near the corner of Main Street. There used to be a huge "Record Theatre" store there. He was bummed out because he went to see the house, but didn't dare get out of the car, because that is a very bad dangerous neighborhood now. It's in the part of town, where when you hit a red light you don't stop! All in all he was a nice guy and I wonder what he's doing now.

Gary Z.

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