Used Hat

It was 1980 or 1981 and Johnny was playing in this dump in Rochester, NY called Scorgies. The entrance was at street level, but the bar was underground. I was in a band called The Rhythm Method at the time. I was right up front when Johnny came on stage. I've never looked good in any kind of hat or cap except this one gangster style hat that an ex-roommate had given me to sing in. It was grey with a black band around it.

I'm standing up front and midway through his set, Johnny takes the hat off of my head and puts it on and plays the rest of the set with it on. Jerry Nolan was drumming on this tour (complete with sideburns). The show ends Johnny and band walk off of the stage, but Johnny's still wearing my hat. I've always been a fan of Johnny's but I wanted my hat back. After a few moments Jerry comes out and starts talking to me about the show. About 10 minutes later, Johnny comes walking out and says, "Hey kid, here is your hat back! Thanks for letting me use it!" I was 18 at the time. I was shocked, I never thought that I would see that hat again, but then like always, Johnny was full of surprises!

Gary Z.

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