Walkin' The Dog

It's 1980 or so and Johnny is set to play in my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts. We're all real excited. Johnny's touring with the Boston band "The Daughters" who play an opening set and then back Johnny and Walter Lure up. Johnny is heard whining at the bar during the Daughters set that he "can't get what I neeeeed!.....". A few minutes later an undercover cop busts him for trying to score outside the club. He's told to leave town immediately, or get thrown in jail. The promoter tells the Daughters to go on, and after they've finished their set, the promoter tells them to start playing Johnny tunes. The crowd gets ugly & starts throwing bottles at them. Johnny is oblivious, whining that he "wants some pizza!" before they leave town. The Daughters finish playing and the crowd files out past Johnny as he whines to his manager about pizza.

1987 and I'm living in New York when my friend Donna comes down from Boston to visit. She's a huge Johnny fan and asks me if I know where he lives, if he's in town, etc... I tell her I see him around occasionally, but not that much. It's a hot August day so we go out to find an air-conditioned bar. We cut through Tompkins Square Park at St. Mark's and who do we see but Johnny being dragged along by a huge Rottweiler. Donna gets real excited and yells "Hi Johnny!" He looks at us, smiles and says: "I gotta walk my girlfriend's dawg...." We nod and he gets pulled away.

New York. Johnny's opening a couple of Replacements shows at the Beacon. My pal & I find out about an after-show party at Carmelita's on 14th & we talk our way in. Hours later we step over a very drunk Paul Westerberg and hear Johnny comment from the corner "Man, that guy is WASTED!".

Mark Z.

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