Gig At Zappas

In 1979 a club opened in Brooklyn called Zappas. It was located just three doors down from a place called Fantasy Island where Saturday Night Fever scenes were being shot. Well you figure it out - two totally different kinds of people in the same block, and considering it was Brooklyn, things could get a little dangerous at times.

Zappas was a nice small club with about 500 seats and the staff was very nice to all the bands that played there. One night Gloria Gaynor was making a special appearance next-door and the entire block was pretty crowded with concert goers for the heartbreakers and the fat disco queen. (Gloria turned out to be very cool because she came to see Johnny during sound check and we all got along great.)

Things went well and both shows went off at about the same time. There was no conflict during the shows but after the show of her's, stuff happened. Gloria's show finished earlier than the Heartbreakers and people from her show, not many but enough to create some shit, paid and came in to see Johnny's second show. These people were really a pain in the ass and they began by giving the bouncers and our crew a hard time. Then they got into a heckling contest with Johnny on stage; and we all know who wins those. These morons were getting badly insulted, to say the least, and one of them threw a glass of something at Walter and John. Johnny answered with the crown of his Les Paul Junior on this disco guy's face.

There was alot of blood flowing and after the show this disco dick, and a few of his friends, was waiting for us. Considering we were not from the area, and they were, we felt it best just to leave, fast. Johnny and the band got into their car and got out of there immediately while I just blended into the crowd with our crew and came back for the gear the next day. Special thanks goes to the bouncers at Zappas and Gloria Gaynor's very polite and huge bodyguard.

Bobby Belfiore (retired soundman)

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