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Tangent Preamp - Lupus Princeps

Here are some photos of the preamp. The 'Tangent' name plate has fallen off and I haven't glued it back yet. The adhesive used to stick the name on these units didn't hold very well.
These must have been produced in a very limited run but I'm not sure how many were actually made. The serial number on this one is "0080".
The name Lupus Princeps is printed on the rear of the unit and means (from dictionary.com) in Medieval Latin "wolf principal"


There are just 3 control knobs for all settings. It's a nice design and you can even dub tapes while listening to another source. The large knobs are nice to use but you can apply a lot of torque. If you're not careful you can cause damage by twisting those big knobs too hard. I've been careful with mine and it still works and sounds fine even after all these years. The 3 knobs function as:

front of the preamp


Plenty of inputs including a pre-preamp for moving coil cartridges.
rear of the preamp


If you look closely you can see that the pre-preamp (right side of photo) has been wired out. I haven't used a moving coil cartridge in a long time and needed another input so I had this modification done.
inside of the preamp