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Tangent Speakers SPL-1

The SPL1 speakers were the entry level products the Tangent line.

Tangent SPL1 speakers with grill off
Tangent SPL1 speakers with grill on

Here is a photocopy of a review of the speakers from 1978. Thanks Derek for sending in the info on these speakers. (Apoligies to HiFi Answers for reproducing their review.)

Derek wrote about these speakers...

I bought these because I could not afford the BBC LS3/5A at the time. These little Tangents were extremely good and mine were working up until 1996 when the foam surround on the bass units disintegrated. For a low cost speaker they used a realtively expensive Audax 25mm tweeter - a far higher quality unit than usually found at this price point. Cabinets were veneered (inside and out) ply, with an MDF baffle. A simple foam lining helped damp resonances and I loved them. I still have the cabinets. I also still use the tweeters in a self-designed speaker which I use in my dining room system.