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Tangent Speakers TM1

Shown below are some photos of the Tangent monitor TM1 speakers. The crossover and drivers used in the TM1 are the same as used in the TM3.

The drive units of a Tangent TM1 live in a 25-inch by 12.25-inch by 12-inch box constructed from four panels of 0.5-inch pre-veneered medium density chipboard, with front and rear baffles constructed from 0.5-inch high density chipboard.
The 7-inch long reflex port is made from 0.25-inch plywood and 0.5-inch softwood, with internal dimensions of 2.25-inch by 2.3125-inch.
The cabinet has one "T-shaped" brace to maximise rigidity; it's made from 0.375-inch chipboard.
The front baffle is held in place by eight 1.25-inch * 10 wood screws, screwed into 0.75-inch square softwood battens.

Tangent TM1 speaker front Tangent TM1 speaker inside front Tangent TM1 speaker inside rear Tangent TM1 speaker support Tangent TM1 crossover schematic

Thanks Colin for sending the pics and information about these speakers. see oh lll eye en at hifiloudspeakers dot info